Live roulette has become more and more popular with the advent of ubiquitous broadband. It's possible to stream high-quality video from a live roulette table. These are either done in a dedicated studio where just the croupiers and cameras are or in a real casino.

It's really down to personal preference what table you prefer. Studio tables are faster as the bets are all virtual and the computer instantly works out all payouts. In a real casino, the play is slower because there are real people placing bets and the croupier has to pay out all the winnings.

Some people trust the real casino more as there is practically no way the wheel could be fixed. If it was, the land punters would quickly take advantage of this. The same goes for the studio roulette tables though. Multiple people play the same table so if there was an attempt to ‘fix' the result, they'd be a similar amount of people gaining as well as losing. Fixing the result wouldn't be worth it for the casino.

Live roulette is sometimes preferred to RNG roulette because of this inability for the casino ‘rig' the result. RNG roulette is fair though and the random numbers have to go through a rigorous testing and certification scheme to be able to be used. Sometimes, it does seem like the table is ‘rigged' though. Playing live roulette removes all the doubt.

With live roulette ever more popular, lower stake tables have been popping up. For example, at Leo Vegas, you can play the live roulette tables from 10p a spin all the way up to £5000, which is great for systems. The bigger the gap between minimum and maximum bet the better.

Grosvenor casino have an online live 10p roulette with a minimum of 10p bets a maximum bet of £10000 on red/black.