How do you know if online roulette is fair?

Q)  Patrick asks.  With online roulette, its just a computer-generated number, how do you know whether or not this is rigged?

A) There are two main reasons to think that online roulette is perfectly fair.

Firstly, there is no reason for them to ‘rig' the game anyway.  With the 2.7% house edge, they will win in the long run, so all they have to do is put on a fair game and they will win.

Secondly, even if there was a greedy casino that wanted to rig the game so that they won money off the player quicker, it would show up in the audits.  All reputable casinos have independent auditors, audit their payouts.  For example Gaming Laboratories International audit Bet365.  In October 2020, the audited results show

GLI’s Game Payout Calculations resulted in summary payout percentages for the listed game categories:

Game Type Calculated
Payout Percentage
96.79% Slot Machine Games
99.99% Table Games
96.73% Card Games
96.60% Video Poker Games
106.96% Fixed Odds Games
97.19% Live Dealer Games
97.11% Overall (All Games)

These values do not reflect the payout percentage of any individual game. Instead, they represent the payout percentage overall games within the category. With table games at 99.99%, looks like Bet365 had a bad month.  In the long run, the payouts will tend to the expected value of the game which in the case of roulette is 97.3%,  

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