Bet Victor has always had really high live stakes on its roulette table. Victor has recently launched his own table with some of the largest online. The top bet is still £15000 but the lowest bet is now just £1.

With such a large difference between the min and max bet, this is idea for your system. You can go 14 rounds of the martingale system before you hit the house limit. This is much more than any other casino. The chances of going bankrupt are so much lower with limits so high. The downside is that when you do go bankrupt you'd have lost a lost more.

Put another way, you are unlikely to lose using the martingale (or any other progressive system) on this table but if you do, its going to be bad. Imagine losing the full £15k on the last spin. You would have lost almost £30k in total and surely would be bankrupt. That would need 15 reds, blacks or whatever you are betting on to happen but over a long period it will happen. It's just on this table, you're likely to make money before you go bankrupt.

The other good thing is that its live. With live roulette, the game cannot be fixed easily. As multiple people play, if they tried to say, bias the wheel towards black, to beat a player, all the players backing red would automatically win.

Here are the high stakes you can play on Bet Victor's new live casino (he has 4 now in total).

BetMinimum stakes (£/$/€)Maximum stakes (£/$/€)Payout
Straight Up23,00035:1
Odd/ Even215,0001:1
1-18/ 19-36215,0001:1



With a £175 sign up bonus and up to £3000 weekly bonus, Bet Victor casino is the best place to play high stakes roulette, especially the live variant. The RNG roulette still has a high limit of £10000 so its the place to go for high rollers.

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