Betfair have discontinued Zero Roulette.

Betfair casino has a very unique roulette game. Its called Zero Roulette but really it should be called “Betfair No Zero Roulette”. The table has no zero on it.

With no zero, the house has no edge at all. This game of roulette is perfectly fair. No other casino I know of does this without any strings. There is another one but that charges you 10% of your winnings so its no fair.

Why do Befair do this? I have no idea. I am guessing its just a marketing gimmick. Why play on even French Roulette with the 1.35% edge when you can get zero edge roulette at Betfair?

Whats the catch?

There are a few minor downsides though.

  • Its only available in their download casino. You can't play it on their instant flash casino.
  • Even with no edge, you are more likely to lose than the casino is overall. How can this be when its fair? Well, its to do with the likely hood of bankruptcy. It would be impossible to bankrupt the casino but unless you have an unlimited bankroll you are are going to go bankrupt at some point.
  • Limits are not very high. Normal Betfair roulette has huge limits ranging from 50p up to £10000 but the zero roulette has small limits. The table below show the limits.

BetPaysMin BetMax Bet
Straight up/ Single Number35:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£1
Split17:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£2
Street11:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£3
Corner8:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£4
Line5:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£6
Column/ Dozen2:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£10
Red / Black | Even / Odd | lo / hi1:1£0.10/ 10p/ 10c£20

Betfair Zero Roulette table

Remember Zero Roulette is only available in the download casino and counts zero to the bonus requirements.

Betfair have discontinued Zero Roulette.

You can still play great roulette games at Betfair but no longer zero roulette.

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