Betbright Casino Roulette

Betbright is a newish online bookmaker founded in 2013. Founded by technology focused founders rather than bookmakers, the experience is smoother than at most traditional bookmakers sites. Based in Ireland and regulated in the UK, you know your money is safe.

Roulette Games

Betbright, being at the cutting edge of technology, have a wide range of roulette games in their casino. The casino games start from 10p a spin.

These roulette games are

3D European Roulette Premier Roulette European Roulette
Roulette Advanced Low Limit Roulette European French Roulette Low Limit
Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Multiwheel Roulette Gold European Roulette Gold Series
French Roulette Roulette Advanced VIP Limit Roulette Advanced High Limit
American Roulette French Roulette VIP Limit American Roulette
French Roulette Standard Limit French Roulette High Limit Roulette Advanced Standard  Limit

As always, skip the American roulette as the double zero makes it impossible to win in the long term. Standard European roulette can be beaten if you are really lucky but the extra zero on American roulette makes it nigh on impossible.

Betbright also have a games section with another 16 roulette games. These are

European Roulette Roulette Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties
Roulette Masters Key Bet Roulette Astro Roulette
European Roulette Roulette American European Roulette
3D roulette Roulette Silver Roulette VIP
3 Wheen Roulette Roulette Triple bonus Spins Roulette double Zero
Roulette Double bonus Spin

These are arguably more interesting. Monopoly roulette has an extra slot which activates a bonus game. So does Keybet roulette. Astro Roulette uses signs of the zodiac to select the winner.
The main problem with this is that it increases the house edge. The best game is called “Roulette Master”. It has a minimum bet of just 1p on the inside. Dozen bets are 50p and even money wagers are £1.

Live Roulette

As with all modern casinos, they have a live version. The minimum bets here are 10p on the auto roulette air table.

Other tables have limits from 50p and £1.

Sign up bonuses

Casino Welcome Bonus offer is a 3-stage promotion up to £600.
Stage 1: 100% match up £200
Stage 2: 50% match up to £150
Stage 3: 75% match up to £250

Roulette counts 8% towards the bonus requirements.

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