Bet Victor 10p Live Roulette

Bet Victor live casino (formerly Victor Chandler) is an online casino where you can play Live roulette for low stakes. At 10p stakes, you don’t get a croupier but you do get an auto roulette wheel. The wheel spins automatically every 45 seconds. The camera mounted above the roulette table shows you where the ball landed.

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If you want to play with the sexy croupiers then you will have to play at £1 minimum stakes. The game is a little slower because someone is actually spinning the wheel. With the low stakes, auto roulette table, the wheel is powered by compressed air.

Bet Victor provides a large difference between the minimum and maximum bet. This is ideal if you want to try out any roulette systems. Systems work best when there is a large difference between the min and max bets. In fact, if you did the Martingale with an unlimited bet table and unlimited bankroll you’d actually win. Of course, no unlimited bet roulette tables exist and no one has an unlimited bankroll either.

The table below shows the stakes on Bet Victors Casinos Air Powered Roulette.

Bet Pays Min Bet Max Bet
Straight up/ Single Number 35:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £25
Split 17:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £50
Street 11:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £75
Corner 8:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £100
Line 5:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £150
Column/ Dozen 2:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £300
Red / Black | Even / Odd | lo / hi 1:1 £0.10/ 10p/ 10c £500

Please note, the overall table limit is a massive £10000 but you’d have to cover every single bet to do that!

Bet Victor Casino have an excellent sign up bonus. They offer up to £200 matched. This is a move away from their old bonus which was released in stages. You now deposit £200, play with £400.

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